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11 Step Process

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PennyFinding: An 11-Step Process

Some pennies which appear may be purely by “coincidence."  They may be totally unexpected.  Other pennies can appear because you are actively seeking them.  Here are steps which have proven quite effective for being proactive on your penny finding:

1) BELIEVE- Believe that there is a powerful Source within the Universe which can be called upon for advice, intervention, or action.
  • Source is a positive force which desires to assist you
  • Source has your best interests in mind
  • If you read the message on a penny, it says, “In God We Trust” and this represents putting faith in a higher power.

2) DEFINE- What is your question / decision to be made? What action are you requesting?

3) ASK- Put forth your request to Source

4) EXPECT- Know that your request has been submitted and is under review.

“We value your business.  An Angel Operator will be with you as 
soon as possible to address your call”.

5) LISTEN- Listen for Directions
  • Be open to the Nudgings.  Sometimes they are very faint.
  • You may have to turn off the TV, iPod, Computer, etc. to hear them.

6) MOVE- Get off your sofa, open your eyes and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Source gave you a heart -- listen to it.  
  • Source gave you a brain -- use it.
  • Put yourself in “high potential find areas." (See Helpful Hints for those)

7) TALK- Continue the dialogue with the Penny Angels.  They like to chat and be even a bit mischievous at times.  

8) IDENTIFY and RETRIEVE- Spot the penny, then determine 
how to most effectively retrieve it. Bend over, climb a railing, 
reach behind furniture, use a tool if needed.

9) REJOICE- Smile and Enjoy the Moment

10) THANK AND REFLECT- Give thanks for the gift and for the 
riches in your life. Download and process the attached message 
Source has sent you.

11) SHARE- Share the joy with others and give credit where 
credit is due.

Edited May 23, 2009

Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever. 
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!
Focusing Energy to
Implement CHANGE!