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Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever.
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!

To generate a million ... in Smiles!
To make changes - One penny at a time
To create moments of joy through ARKs (Acts of Random Kindness)


Have you ever felt Joy so huge, you thought your heart would burst?  The sheer immenseness of it is incomprehensible.  Words can not portray it.

If you have felt that kind of Joy, it is impossible to explain it to other people, yet you wish they too could experience it.  So you try to find ways to give them just one drop of it, to make them smile for one moment, to have them think a happy thought in the middle of their day.  PennyFinders has emerged as a means to do that.
About Us
PennyFinders provides reminders to trust in a higher Source, to perform Acts of Random Kindness, and to be grateful throughout each day.