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Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever.
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!

The PennyFindings began in March 2008 (See Background). These were in direct correlation with our efforts in building our New House, and I began to tell a few people about some incredible penny findings, and they suggested I journal these discoveries.  These stories became Penny Tales and soon I was reporting the daily findings to more and more people.

December 2008 - March 2009Days #1 - #100

In December, I finally said, "If we are to build this 'ARK' then God
needs to take charge and be the contractor." A Penny would validate
that we are heading in the right direction. That is when the 100-day series
began.  After the first few CONSECUTIVE days of finding coins, this appeared to be a little more than “mere coincidence."  There were forces at work which defied our earthly explanations.  We logged these stories and marked them on the calendar.  As major milestones arrived, the suspense grew as to how long this “finding spree” might last? 

Here are some key milestone days:

  • Day #10: we shrugged our shoulders and said: “This is sure interesting."
  • Day #25: we celebrated at reaching my favorite number
  • Approaching Day #50 we held our breath.  I found a diamond next to the penny on that day as a ‘sparkling’ indication of that milestone.
  • Day #75: we shook our heads in wonder
  • From Days #79-89 we traveled in Mexico wondering how we would find US coins there - we did.
  • As we approached Day #100 all the team members held their breath …
  • Day #100 we sighed in relief and danced in celebration!

The stories from Penny Tales: 100 Consecutive Days will make you laugh, cry, and cheer on the Penny Angels.

March - June 2009Days #101 - #170

At Day #101 we wondered what to do next. The Penny Angels were not
going to quit. They kept providing coins and expecting more Tales.

Several factors seemed to indicate a new path. I had a 10 pound weight loss goal. It was the first day of my 10 week Weight Watchers Program. It was the first day of a 10 week term at school. Plus, I had been finding an abundance of dimes. So it seemed the Penny Angels were leading us into a New 10 Week Adventure. They were taking PennyFinding to a new level: Sharing.

March - December 2008

The PennyFindings waxed and waned along with our efforts on the
New House. When our focus (and frustrations) were on the New House
the PennyFindings were plentiful. However, when the Angels assigned
us to other "special projects," then the PennyFindings were minimal.

In the Beginning...
The Early Months
100 Consecutive Days
10 Weeks of Change

June - July 2009Days #176 - #200

At Day #171, we again asked the Angels, "Now what?" The answer
seemed to be a 25-Day Program leading up to Day #200. For this adventure,
Penny Pals were encouraged to make their own Promises for CHANGE.

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