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Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever.
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!

It all began one day in March of 2008…
I was carrying a load of things from the parking lot into work. I saw a penny on the ground but had arms too full and thought, "I'm not going to bother bending over and drop everything just to pick up a silly penny."  For the next few days it bugged me, and I kept thinking of the story about the rich man who was being interviewed by a reporter.  He stopped to pick up a penny because it was a reminder that, "In God We Trust."

The next week I was frustrated and confused over
the dream house we had been trying to build (for 3
years) and some decisions we needed to make
regarding that.  I saw a penny.  This time I picked it
up.  "OK.  From now on – In God We Trust.  God, if
YOU want us to build this house, then YOU need to
be the contractor on this. I need penny reassurances
to know this is the right thing to do..." And, over the next
few weeks, pennies kept appearing.

It seemed as if God had assigned this project to some Penny Angels.  These Angels seemed  to be having fun with this assignment and carried out their mission by not only sending pennies, but ‘attaching’ valuable life lessons as well.

From March - December 2008 pennies seemed to appear whenever I was needing to make a decision or reaching the point of quitting on the house project.  (Dubbed Tina’s Ark).  There were people who strongly encouraged me to keep a journal of these heart-warming stories.

In mid-December 2008 I began emailing the antics of the Penny Angels to a few friends.  That was the beginning of Penny Tales.  Once I ‘went public,’ the PennyFindings continued each day. After the first few CONSECUTIVE days, people realized this was more than coincidence.

Around March of 2009 more and more people began casually sharing their penny stories and we realized how PennyFinding was CHANGING people.  The idea emerged to develop a website for people to share their stories.

On May 24th, 2009 was launched.

Thank you for visiting this site.  May it bring you Joy and Penny-Smiles.

Warmest Regards,