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PennyFinding: Glossary of Terms

A copper coin defined as a 1¢ piece or 1/100 of a US Dollar. For PennyFinders purposes, “penny” is often inclusive of nickels, dimes, quarters, other coins, monetary bills as well as foreign currencies. (Artistic Liberties, plus the Inflation Factor - a Penny doesn’t go as far as it used to).

Direct Find~
The PennyFinder (and hopefully an Author of a Penny Tale) has directly retrieved the coin.

Indirect Find~
A secondary person finds a coin then provides it (along with its story) to the PennyFinder.

Planted Coin~
A secondary person “plants” a coin for PennyFinder to discover.  Pennies have been known to sit in place for weeks awaiting discovery.

Foreign Coin~
Legal currency other than U.S. Coins.

Embedded Coin~
A legitimate find, but one that cannot be removed … still a sign!

Forgone Coin~
Also a legitimate find, but one that is given up. It could be inaccessible or given to someone nearby who truly needs it more than the finder.

Electronic Coin~
A thin round, battery which resembles a silver coin and fools the PennyFinder.

Gum that looks like a coin and fools the PennyFinder.

Mushroom Coin~
Coin which seems to instantaneously pop out of nowhere - especially in an area you have already looked.

Asphalt Mushroom~
Coin which seems to instantaneously pop out of pavement.

Coin Mine~
Zone where at least a dozen coins exist.  Often times the “precious metals” are encased in dirt or debris.  May require mining tools to extract.

Hit For The Cycle~
Finding a penny, nickel, dime and quarter all in one day. Similar to baseball terminology.

Finding Rate~
Number of coins found over a given period of time.  Measured in Coins per Hour (cph).

Edited July 24, 2009

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