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Penny Tale Day #148: Queen Mary Penny Find

When we arrived at the Queen Mary for my 30th High School reunion,  Doc and I both scanned the parking lot as well as the gangplank and ship decks as we approached the entrance to the function.  There were approximately 430 persons in my graduating class and I knew very few them during school (I was a "brainy" who was in Calculus, did lots of homework, went to my part-time job and during free time hung out with the guys on the chess team).  So I recognized a few faces, but not many.

Doc and I stopped at a schmushed penny (elongated 
coin,  EC) machine. I did not realize there are people 
who collect ECs! See

Doc and I thought a Queen Mary penny would 
be a great souvenir from our evening.

Doc pulled two quarters and a penny from his 
pocket to insert into the schmush machine.  
The penny jumped out of his hand and landed 
near the wall.  I bent over and looked to my 
right - beside the machine.  Wow!  In the back 
corner was a penny!  Maybe the person who 
dropped the penny was too large to fit into that 
space and retrieve it? Not me!  I’ll dive for that 
one.  Although it wasn’t entirely easy or graceful 
in a fancy dress and high heels.

Doc wanted to elongate (I like the word schmush 
better) his original penny, but I wanted to schmush 
the found one - that just seemed more appropriate. 

Doc took a photo of me with that schmushed found 
penny as well as the Penny Pendant from Day 50 with the
Diamond, which of course I was wearing as a 
conversation starter. 

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