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Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever. 
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!
Find a penny, pick it up, and
all day long you'll have good luck!


Penny Angels 
provided a Found Coin every single day for over three years in support of the Penny Palace Project.

The continuous daily 
Finds occurred until the Open House Celebrations!

Over the past several years, the mischievous Penny Angels have provided some very unusal finds, along with some valuable life lessons attached to those coins.  They continually teach us to Trust and then Act upon the guidance we are receiving.

Penny Finding is a fun and joyful way to learn how  to Trust, Discover, Smile and Share. It requires no experience, special equipment or additional time out of your day.  It's good for the body, mind and soul.

 Try it and help generate  One Million Penny Smiles!
                                 with Joy,  
                                 Tina Shelton
Thank You 
for visiting this site and 
adding your smile to the 
Goal of 1,000,000 Penny Smiles!


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What is Penny Finding?

Penny Finding is a playful way to create Joy Moments for yourself and others.  
It's a matter of keeping your eyes and heart open to finding wayward coins and their "attached" messages for you.  Once you catch "Penny Fever" you'll realize how much fun it is and how you can infect others with your happy ailment.
     A few years ago I began finding pennies whenever I was working on ideas or plans for the house I had dreamed of building for 30 years.  After numerous set backs, one day in frustration I called out to Spirit.  "If I am to continue on this project, then send me a sign - perhaps a Penny or something to confirm that I am to proceed".  The next day I found a penny... and the next day... and the next day.  The Finds continued daily for over three years -- non stop!
     During that period, the "Penny Palace" was built. The daily Penny Tales told of its progress and the antics of the Penny Angels.
The Penny Palace stands as a wonderful symbol of Discovery, Trust, Joy, Sharing, Overcoming set backs, and COINcidences!

The Construction Phase of the Penny Palace concluded in October 2012 with a week of Celebrations.

The Penny Palace is now serving to host Special People and Special Projects.

You can read about some of these adventures on the Penny Palace blogsite.

The Penny Palace is the Major Project under the Penny Finding Umbrella.
Nine years ago I traveled to Russia to assist my brother and his wife in adopting two children.  Alexander (Sasha) was our interpreter, driver, and so much more.  We could not have survived that ordeal without his assistance.  Sasha is passionate about learning languages and tutors students in Basic English Skills.  It was a dream of mine to somehow bring him to the U.S. and let him be immersed in the language and culture.  In January 2013 I made contact with a few other CA adoptive families.  They, too, wanted to Thank and host Sasha.  Thus began 
The Sasha Project.