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Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever.
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!
Find a penny, pick it up, and
all day long you'll have good luck!

Now YOU can be a part of the PennyFinders Team! Our daily coin finds and photos will be posted on the PennyFinders Blog. Who did we find a coin with recently? Take a Look!!!
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It's amazing how a simple act such as finding or sharing a penny can CHANGE your day and bring JOY! PennyFinding is more than just reaching down to find a coin. It is a process of asking, receiving and "changing."

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What is the magic behind PennyFinding?
It all began one day in March of 2008…
I was carrying a load of things from the parking lot into work. I saw a penny on the ground but had arms too full and thought, "I'm not going to bother bending over and drop everything just to pick up a silly penny."  For the next few days it bugged me, and I kept thinking of the story about the rich man who was being interviewed by a reporter.  He stopped to pick up a penny because it was a reminder that, "In God We Trust."

The next week I was frustrated and confused over the dream house we had been trying to build (for 3 years) and some decisions we needed to make regarding that.  I saw a penny.  This time I picked it
up.  "OK.  From now on – In God We Trust.  God, if YOU want us to build this house, then YOU need to be the contractor on this. I need penny reassurances to know this is the right thing to do..." And, over the next
few weeks, pennies kept appearing.

Now almost a year later, I am still finding coins and have gained reassurance through PennyFinding. I have been sharing my experiences with PennyFinding through a blog called PennyTales which provides simple lessons and antidotes about my adventures. It seems the more I have shared these tales, the more people share their experiences with me about their PennyFinding and how they have caught the Penny Fever!

PennyFinding is a fun and joyful way to learn how to trust, discover, smile and share. My own PennyFinding adventures will crescendo at the year mark on December 19th, 2009. I hope you join me in celebrating this day by going out during this holiday season and PennyFinding and then sharing your coins with the Salvation Army at any nearby Red Kettle Donation Location. For a detailed list of where you can find these, please visit The Salvation Army.
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