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21 Ways to
Gift a Penny
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Disclaimer: This website has been formed to accelerate the PennyFinding Fever.
Objective: To Spread Smiles and Joy!

Thank You for becoming a Penny Pal-

  • Have you ever found an unexpected coin?
Did you smile when you found it?
  • Have you ever seen the JOY when a child finds a coin?
  • Can you think of any worthwhile causes that could use some extra coins? Wouldn't it be fun to collect a whole jar of JOY and then pass that on to a worthy cause?
  • Or how about passing on the good fortune of your one simple PennyFind to a friend or co-worker who needs a special message?   

Almost everyone smiles when they find a penny. It is seen as a good thing. Sharing that good fortune with other people just adds value to everyone's day.

I have faithfully journaled almost an entire year of PennyFinding Adventures, and now the Penny Angels are "nudging" me to share some Penny Finding tips with you.

Hopefully this tipsheet on 21 Ways to Gift a Penny will help you generate some of those ONE MILLION PENNY SMILES.


One thing the Penny Angels have taught us is that YOU can spread seeds of joy by sharing your Penny Find with others. Share your story with someone special, then Email it to: so that others may be included in the fun.