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Case Study #1:

Here's an excerpt from Penny Tales Day #142 (Mother's Day, 2009)

While driving home from the mountains, Doc and I were laughing about having “Penny FEVER.”  We were laughing and being silly … Penny Fever is when:

You place an order at a fast-food drive through window, not for the food, but to find coins!

You park extra spaces out, so you can search for coins on the walk in.

You stop at red lights and stop signs.  Then you look both ways - for autos and for coins!

Approximately 4:30 p.m. Doc and I were just talking about that third Fever symptom while we were stopped at the major intersection of Garey and Arrow Hwy. 

Doc said: “There is a penny in the Median strip to my left right now as we are talking about that!”

Tina: “No way!  That strip is maybe 16” wide. 
You are making that up.”

Doc: “I’m serious!”

Tina: “If you are, then we really need to get this
one as confirmation of this Penny Fever stuff.”

Doc made the left turn, went through the grocery
store lot and parked at the corner.  I waited for the
green walk light and ran to the median.  Didn’t find
it after looking back and forth 3-4 times.  Doc kept
pointing.  Finally I found the penny maybe 1” from
my foot! I wonder what the drivers of the vehicles
next to me were thinking?