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Random Acts of Kindness
By Amanda Hall

Sometimes God asks us to do something
That we don’t quite fully understand.
He sends us a message through angels,
And tells them to lead us by the hand.

He asks us to do things on faith,
To not question, wince or whine.
And yet along with a big heart,
He gives us a bothersome MIND.

He can see potential in us,
That we often overlook and hide.
He pushes us to new limits,
And then shows us we were blind.

He places the gift within each of us,
He knows what we are capable of.
He seals it deep within our hearts
Its root, its makeup is LOVE.

He makes it very simple
For us to tap into it and SEE,
That the LOVE isn’t meant for just you,
It’s meant to be shared and free.

Expressing your gifts pleases HIM.
Creating from the heart rings true.
Providing random acts of kindness,
Shows that infinite love is IN you.